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4cm Active collar | WITH HANDLE - Red

4cm Active collar | WITH HANDLE - Red

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Endorsed by the renowned Protection Dogs Worldwide, the Dogadillos 5cm active Collar is a trailblazing creation in the realm of dog collars. Constructed with triple-stitched nylon, it features a robust 6mm width Stainless Steel D Loop and a meticulously crafted bespoke clip for swift release and secure locking.

Our clips have undergone rigorous pressure testing, ensuring your peace of mind during walks with your beloved companion. To enhance security, the clip requires simultaneous pressure on both levers to prevent unintended openings.

To provide utmost control and assurance, we’ve added a double-stitched handle, ideal for emergency situations. The collar’s internal layer is lined with Neoprene, an odorless, water-resistant material that ensures comfort throughout the day, safeguarding your dog’s fur from irritation often experienced with other collar brands.

Adjusting the collar size is a breeze – simply thread the nylon through the metal adjuster to lengthen or shorten as needed.

This versatile collar is suitable for daily use on any breed and is highly favored by professional dog handlers, police dogs, military personnel, and security dogs alike.

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